Victor Walzberg
Victor Walzberg
Cotia, Sao Paulo, Brasil

AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents kit de reagentes amplificação

AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents

AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents are designed for sensitive, robust amplification of RNA targets using a rapid single-tube TaqMan® real-time reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) strategy. 
• Recommended for RNA pathogen amplification 
• Consistent amplification of RNA targets with high specificity and sensitivity 
• Optimized to work with your target-specific primers and probes 
• Contains ROX for quantitative fluorescent signal normalization 

AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents are configured for fast and simple reaction setup. The reactions are assembled in a single tube, minimizing sample handling errors and expediting set-up time. Once assembled, results are available in approximately one hour. The 25X RT-PCR Enzyme Mix included in the kit contains highly efficient ArrayScript™ Reverse Transcriptase, a mutant MMLV RT that produces high cDNA yields, and AmpliTaq Gold® polymerase, the preferred hot-start DNA polymerase for specific target amplification. The 2X RT-PCR Buffer has been optimized for efficient, robust reverse transcription and PCR includes the passive reference dye, ROX™ Dye, for quantitative fluorescent signal normalization. A Detection Enhancer is also provided as an optional reagent for amplification of templates with a high GC content or persistent secondary structure.

Contents & storage

Sufficient for 1000 reactions of 25 µL, contains: 
• 14 mL 2X RT-PCR Buffer 
• 1100 µL 25X RT-PCR Enzyme Mix 
• 2 x 1.2 mL Detection Enhancer 
• 25 mL Nuclease-free Water.